Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sponsors upcoming UCVUG session (WIN prizes!)

More information about UCVUG check our our weblog and join us for the next meeting SESSION scheduled on Tue 4/6/2010 (6th of April 2010) UTC +01:00 Amsterdam. Join us now and subscribe yourself for FREE on

Join us now and win some nice prizes! Our main sponsors are:

Ferrari Electronic. With 20,000 customers and more than 2.5 million imageusers in Germany, Ferrari electronic has been regarded as a reliable supplier of professional communication solutions (unified communications) for 20 years now. Ferrari electronic wants to assist enterprises in business processes with its unified communication suite OfficeMaster. imageAim is to further improve the success on the market and generate measurably more revenue and profit.

Thanks to OfficeMaster, employees in enterprises and authorities can now manage the growing mass of information they face each day. Awarded the "Recommendation of the editorial staff" prize by the periodical PC Professionell, this communications solution is ready for immediate use, offering convenience without training overhead. Media disruptions in every day communications (e-mail, fax, SMS, voice mail, CTI and electronic signature) are things of the past.

1st prize: 1 x OfficeMaster 4BRI gateway (OCS and OCS R2 qualified and also usable as a full featured Fax/SMS-controller together with Ferrari’s optional server software), datasheet enclosed.

More information about Ferrari products please feel free to contact Ferrari at:


Plantronics, Inc. introduced the first lightweight communications imageheadset in 1962 and is today the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headset products. Plantronics headsets are widely used in many Fortune 500 corporations and have been featured in numerous films and high profile events, including the historic "One small step for man" transmission from the moon in 1969. Plantronics offers mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small office/home office and contact centers.

2nd prize: 3 x UC Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headsetimage

More information about Plantronics products please feel free to contact Plantronics at:


We are still looking for additional sponsors for this virtual event. please contact me directly if you want to: Joachim Farla

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