Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Job shift after 6 years

After 6 years of great work and innovation at e-office ( I’ve decided to make a next step and follow my strongest feelings and expertise to make the best of Unified Communications in national but also international UC and Collaboration (Global) projects. Focusing on Unified Communications, Enterprise Voice, Office365 and much more collaboration products.

From this point I would like to thank all my colleagues supporting me and making things happen and most of all “live life to the max”. Helping customers and drive themselves through human excellence by unifying communications. Working on that spot will make e-office a strong collaboration player with lots of technical and organizational expertise. Again thank you for being part of that the last couple of years.

More information on this specific role feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: You can also contact me via twitter: (joafar)
Questions you could have:

Q: What happens with the UC weblog? A: nothing!, expect only one thing – there will be more exclusive content for sure.
Q: What happens with A: nothing!, expect more technical sessions on Unified Communications in the near future.

Contact details: / All the other contact details will remain the same.
Weblog: and the Unified Communications Virtual User Group


Martijn Schouten said...

Good luck and thank you very much for the great time working together!

Josh Maher said...

Good luck!!

Brian said...

I think a job shift after 6 years is a pretty good move. All the best.

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi! I'm David- I work with Dell. I just came across your blog.

I hope things are going well with your new position! I'd love to hear more about unified communications too. The IT industry changes so rapidly, so up-to-date information is always helpful.

Do you have experience with SharePoint servers? That seems to be a frequent point of discussion. Many companies are moving to off-site solutions, but that of course raises security questions.

I'll check out some other posts too. Thanks!

Milliscent Morgan said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Amelia Simon said...

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Sam Wonder said...

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cocolili said...
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