Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day -5 Voice Ignite Tour

The UC Voice Ignite Tour is closed :-(. The entire "project" was outstanding. The hotel and the drinks where quite expensive 23 euro's for the first glass of champagne. The next glass 15 euro's. Not normal. Yesterday was the last day of the UC Voice Ignite Tour and of course the Grand Finale. At 16:30 I did leave and 21:30 I was back in my hometown (Vleuten- Netherlands)


Big lap with 7 exercises. Try to find the errors and describe how you figure out these errors. Thomas Lee and some other guys from Microsoft give away all the prizes by the end of the day.

Next week I will be OOF and back on the 11th of March. After my holiday more posts on how to use the tools into the Resource Kit (especially the DMIsinder tool to strip off the hashes into the Web Components folder.

Congrats to Thijs Janssen from Microsoft Netherlands he was the great winner of the UC Voice Ignite Tour in Paris! 

Thanks to all the guys who organize this event (TSG-guys, Global Knowledge and Microsoft)

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