Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Upgrade to 8.0UR at e-office

Tomorrow is the day e-office and Mitel will upgrade the Mitel 3300 to 8.0UR3. SIP forking will be production for us. So dual forking between the Mitel 3300 and our Windows Mobile 6.0 Treo devices.

Mitel has annoucned SIP forking interoperability as part of the big launch in October 2007.

Mitel is currently in beta with their IP platforms (CX /
MX) on software 8.0UR3, where SIP forking will be part of the SIP integration into mediation server of OCS.

The official support will be added after interop through Microsofts program after which an entry in the mentioned directory will appear.

Mitel did this before with the direct integration into Exchange 2007 :
In highlights we will blog on how to upgrade to 8.0UR3 and which feature you will get after upgrading this great product. Stay tuned.

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