Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OCS integration with MOSS2007

MOSS2007 is a wonderful product we use for internal and external collaboration with our customers/partners. After implement OCS you see some interesting features become available within MOSS2007.

Now it very simple to communicate with your collegaes from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Simply just fill-in the right SIP Address in the profile database and activate your Microsoft Office Communicator Client 2007.

When you implement Enterprise Voice capability's in OCS there are different methods to contact someone. (1) > Call from MOSS (2) sent a IM

On a simple list in MOSS you see presence tags. In this example you see my collegae Vincent Verweij.

When clicking on his name you see much more features like (agenda information, Call nr. details, start IM conversation etc)

When connecting a Basic or Advanced Gateway in your infrastructure you infrastructure is complete. It makes my workplace more complete. This is "Working Easier"!


Sendil said...

Hi Joachim,
Thanks a lot for your information. But I need some indepth detail regarding this integration. In web page(sharepoint site) itself can we provide the OCE messaging box how to achieve that. Please hlp me. Thanks in advance

Osaka said...


I need to integrate web based version of Office Communicator into our Collaboration Portal(sharepoint site). Please suggest me how to start about the same. I have no idea how it is to be implemented.I need a similar requirement as Sendil.

Please let me also know:

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

I also want to integrate OCS with MOSS. Have u done?

Anonymous said...

i also want to know..how to integrate Office Communicator into sharepoint site..
Please give me details about this.

Jayesh Prajapati said...

Hi Joachim,
Thanks a lot for your information..
I want to integrate MOSS 2007 site with OCS 2007. please provide me links or video white paper.