Thursday, October 9, 2008

What’s happening!?

Today something different. No blogging about Unified Communications or what so ever. Dow falls below 9,000                                      Dow falls below 9,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 679 points -- some 7 percent -- in frenzied trading during the final half hour of Thursday's session as the Treasury's eye on buying stakes in struggling banks failed to reassure investors amid the ongoing credit crisis. Source

Problems with ICESAVE. Dutch government grants emergency loan to Fortis and since 1 hour the entire Dutch economy (Wouter Bos)

Main question:

What’s happening!?

Still 1 out of 3 children die before they become 5 years old in West Papua (Indonesia).

How is the economy going? Everyone is concerning about the entire economy these days. My point of view is quite different. It remembers me the time when my own sister Gaby Farla was in Papua for over 4 months. The real life is over there!


West-Papua is an Indonesia n province with many faces. It is a beautiful province with beautiful people, overwhelming and sometimes impenetrable nature, unique cultures and a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. West-Papua is also the area with the biggest poverty, the most tropical diseases and the highest percentage of child mortality in Indonesia. It’s a country where foreign investors have their minds set on the rich natural resources. It’s an area where human rights are violated and Papua’s can almost only be found in the inland and the remote areas.

The foundation for Sustainable Development Papua Barat (SDSP) isimage a Dutch Foundation. This foundation works hard to make improvements in West-Papua. Two volunteers from the SDSP, Jurgen Nagel and Ellis van Minnen, started a Mother and Child project in the inland (Senopi) of West-Papua. Jurgen en Ellis stay in West-Papua at least two years and they want to build a clinic, inform the locals about basic hygiene and improve the life circumstances for the locals. Unfortunately they don’t have enough resources and possibilities for transport to complete their mission. Besides that the Indonesian government doesn’t co-operate. How is that possible? Still 1 out of 3 children die before they become 5 years old!


The Dutch broadcasting company “Llink” pays € 100.000,- if this project gets the most votes. Please vote for this good initiative!

Surf to and become a member from Llink for only € 5,73 and vote for

For the complete report surf to Unfortunately these movies are only in Dutch.

If you would like to have more information about this specific project of the SDSP or other initiatives, please check or

Thanks a lot for helping the Papua’s! Special greetings to my sister Gaby Farla who was taking this initiative. Good luck!

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