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Response Group and Dial in Conferencing with Interoute One

Maybe you missed it but Interoute is now official SIP Trunking Certified in IOP. Press release and right after that release Interoute and myself published a article on how you can configure Interoute One in your certified infrastructure and connect it to Office Communications Server 2007 R2 (Mediation Server). See our blog article on that here.

Now we are R2 Voice Ready Certified new features of Enterprise Voice are popped up. It’s getting our attention and force us to think about our own Unified Communication infrastructure and how we deal with Enterprise Voice and integration possibilities in our background applications.

The main question is: Is it possible to use SIP Trunking of Interoute together with all Enterprise Voice features like (Unified Messaging, Response Group Service and Dial-in Conferencing) without a certified Media Gateway?

Answer: absolutely you can!

In this article I will describe how you can setup this environment. The end-result will be that you:

  • are not required to deploy any certified Media Gateways at all
  • all Enterprise Voice functionality is available (no loss of functionality) – inbound  and  outbound call etc.
  • can use Dialin Conferencing in Live Meeting 2007 sessions through the Interoute Cloud
  • can dialin to your UM Auto Attendant powered by Exchange 2007 through the Interoute Cloud
  • have only one PBX system > Office Communications Server 2007 R2!

How to set this up (follow the required steps):

Step 1

Make sure you accomplish Step(1) – Step(13) before proceeding to the next step (blog article here)

Step 2

In this example we use 10 fictive phone numbers attached to our corporate CONTOSO account at Interoute. 7 numbers are directly configured to use by end-users. Make sure that the Interoute numbers are configured on each SIP account separately. So open the Telephony Options for the specific users and make sure the Line URI: is filled out in context: tel:088*(number you got by interoute) image

Why did we choose for 088 numbers?

088-number makes our company accessible throughout the Netherlands. By using 088 customers can always call our company by paying local tariffs from any location of the caller.
Companies use 088-numbers to make different locations accessible by using one Unified Communications corporate number.

 Step 3

Make sure you accomplish the steps of Integration with Exchange Server Unified Messaging (more information in the OCS R2 Documentation CHM). The UM Integration Utility will create contact objects for subscriber access and auto attendant. Now this user is also available for configuring a Interoute Number through the cloud. Open your OCS R2 Administrative Tools and configure the account. This number will only be used internally.

Step 4

In this step we will create a Enhanced Hunt Group in Response Group Service. Open the administrative URL by going to /rgs/deploy/default.aspx">https://<SERVER NAME>/rgs/deploy/default.aspx (Standard Edition Server) On the same server go to:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2>

NOTE: (run the command below) – change the parameters according to your own infrastructure

rgscot /Create / /DisplayName:MSFTUM /PoolFQDN:pool01.contoso.local /EnabledForFederation:TRUE /LineUri:tel:+318800****

TIP: Make sure this number is easy to remember by your end-users as this is the central number to call your UM Auto Attendant.


The result you need to receive is:

Starting to save the contact object...

A new contact object with SIP address has been created.


NOTE: RGSCOT.exe is a command-line utility to create and manage Response Group Service Contact objects.

Step 5

Now the Response Group Service Contact object is created for you organization you can start creating the Enhanced Hunt Group in RGS (Response Group Service) open /rgs/deploy/default.aspx">https://<SERVER NAME>/rgs/deploy/default.aspx 


Click create Enhanced Hunt Group and select the RGS contact object you created previously. Give the hunt group a clear description and proceed with selecting a language and for example a welcome message. Select your message queue, define your availability schedule and proceed with Step 5.


Configure the forward number (fill in your AA SIP number – this number is provided by Interoute and available for you to assign). Make sure you forward the call to the number configured in Step 3. Make sure the Enhanced Hunt Group configurations are saved. Now it possible to call your Exchange 2007 AA through the cloud of Interoute! Cool.

Question is can we also use Dial in Conferencing together with Interoute One Services. 


Open your OCS R2 Administrative Tools and open your Forest Global Settings. Edit the policies you use on individual basis or general basis (for example – Policy 1 (High)) and make sure that the “Enable PSTN conference dial-in” checkbox is checked.


Now make sure OCS Conferencing Attendant Properties are configured properly (these properties can be found under the Forest Global Settings). Add your Access Phone Number by clicking add. Fill out all the boxes:


Make sure the right SIP domain and Pool is selected and click ok. This will result in:


After the creation of your Access Phone Number make also sure a region is created as follows and click ok.


Now it possible to call your LM Dial in Conferencing Bridge through the cloud of Interoute! Cool.

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