Monday, March 17, 2008

8.0UR3 released from Mitel

e-office upgraded their Mitel 3300 to 8.0UR3. With this configuration we have full functionality to support simultaneous ringing (Enterprise Voice). Special thanks to John de Breij (Mitel Benelux)!

Mitel launched 8.0 UR3 for their IP platforms (Mitel 3300 CX / MX) recently with a variety of new features and functionalities.

As part of integration with Microsoft this release adds the support for enterprise voice so Office Communicator soft phone users can use the Mitel platform as gateway for communication to Mitel IP phones and ISDN / SIP connected PSTN. This will deliver total flexibility for customers wanting to use Microsoft integration based on RCC and Enterprise Voice depending on the type of users and requested feature set.

Existing customers can add this functionality by adding SIP trunk licenses on their base platform, no Mitel hardware or 3rd party OCS 2007 server gateway is needed.

From a configuration point of view you only need to create a SIP trunk with specific settings added in 8.0 UR3 to comply with the requirements Microsoft needs for connection to mediation server.

Setup SIP Peer Profile:


SIP Peer Profile Assignment (to specify number to be dialed from OCS users):


Remark: this example lets OCS users dial number starting with 3xx or 7xx which are number on our Mitel system

The other SIP configuration is as normal, i.e. setting up a route to the SIP trunk and ARS to define the numbering scheme from Mitel to the OCS environment.
Setting up the mediation server is as per configuration notes from OCS 2007. There is some work to be done on number normalization to have the right call behaviour, some of this can be simplified by using translation on the Mitel system.

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Unknown said...

Are you able to provide some input on implementing a trunk between a Mitel 3300 and Asterisk? The sets on the Mitel 3300 can call the extension range on Asterisk, but the Asterisk sets cannot call any range on the Mitel. The Mitel consistently returns a 404 Not Found which according to the Mitel documentation is related to the SIP Peer Profile Assignement by incoming DID.