Sunday, December 30, 2007

Interesting votes...

A couple of months ago I posted a poll asking when you implement OCS2007 in your production environment. This poll will be closed in 15 hours from now. Interesting is that 70 percent of my blog visitors are implementing OCS2007 within 1 month. Or already implemented it.


  • 1 month (70 percent)
  • 6 month (15 percent)
  • 1 year (2 percent)
  • other (11 percent)

Winner: 70 percent based on 49 votes and a total of 70 votes. One conclusion: a very good year next jear 2008! A lot of implementations are going on and administrators and end-users are playing with it, that’s very good. Especially Live Meeting 2007 in combination with Office Roundtable etc...

Time for new polls:

How did you implement OCS2007 in your production environment?

Happy New Year and beware of fireworks!

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