Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some historical data..

Hi folks I'm very glad to show you some historical data from my weblog. It's a long time ago my first post on this weblog showed up. UC was in the beginning of 2007 a very small topic. Now the topic is much more settled and nice software is developed by Microsoft and other vendors.

My first post on this weblog showed up on 18th of June 2007. After 266 posts now this weblog rocks and is a nice place for bringing people together. Especially people from the OCS community who are looking for good material for resolving their problems/issues.

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On th 14th of October I've implemented Google Analytics. 12.300 users and 20.000 pageviews so far! 8300 unique users together responsible for over 20.000 pageviews.


Some activities from my side:

- 5 times we organized the Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Houten. The next event is scheduled for 17th of April (subscribe)

- different participations in Heliview, new work etc etc.

- 9 Unified Communications Personal Newsletters are send to over 250 technical users of the UC-community!

- launched our new public website based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with chat functionality based on AJAX. Based on a complete redundant environment with integrated LCS/CWA functionality (we working on this one)

- e-office and Interoute working together to provide interesting OCS/Voice solutions

- e-office implements Mitel 3300 as Voice solution to provide new functionality with Enterprise Voice and simul ringing

I'm trying to constantly improve my weblog according to your needs. So please give me your feedback. As I mentioned earlier if you like to receive this newsletter please subscribe and let me know!

NEW: If you would like to share some interesting information for the technical community or you deliver new UC-services as partner please let me know and you will get some room into the UC-newsletter! Contact:

For everyone joining and reading my weblog thank you very much and please stay stuned for the upcoming posts about Enterprise Voice, powershell and OCS, development on OCS and munch more!

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