Monday, August 4, 2008

How to configure your BES server to support OCS on your Blackberry’s

For a connection between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and OCS2007 we need to install BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 and choose to install the BlackBerry Collaboration Service and select Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 during the installation of SP6.

Some prerequisites are that Message queing is installed on the Windows 2003 SP1 or higher. Office Communicator Web Access is required. Enhanced Presence needs to be turned on in OCS. Windows authentication should be used in IIS. Form based authentication is not supported.

You need to install OC client 2.1.10c on the BlackBerry Smartphone.


Choose to install the BlackBerry Collaboration Service and select Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007


Fill in the OCWA host and choose for HTTPS and HTTP. HTTPS is recommended both for security and stability of the connection. When HTTP is choosen the collaboration service will open up 3 concurrent connections, where HTTPS will open up only 1 concurrent connection.


Look at the final screen of the SP6 installation. We now have a BlackBerry Collaboration Service installed!


If you ever would like to change the OCWA hostname or change HTTP to HTTPS, then go to the BlackBerry Server Configuration panel and go to the Collaboration Service tab.

Now the BES is all setup for the OCS 2007 connection let’s try to log on to the communicator client on the BlackBerry.


Fill in the correct credentials and sign in.


The client is connecting


We’re connected to OCS!


Now let’s chat with someone.


Let’s look at the other options available during a conversation.


And some more options for example call the person you are chatting with..

Specials thanks to my colleague Robert Nijbroek who work for the BlackBerry support team at e-office. All credits to his work for writing this article. Connect with him at linkedin!


Erik Vos said...

Does this also work for a BIS user BlackBerry ?

Robert Nijbroek said...

No, currently this is only supported for the BES platform. I'm not aware if RIM will support OCS for BIS users in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I tried this but I keep getting cannot connect to server error in the ocs client on my bb.
There is no documentation on this :-(


Robert said...

Hello Rayen,

Did you install the OCS client 2.1.10c? I have seen lots of problems if you use a different version.

ursenj said...

We have had this setup with LCS 2005 but have installed OCS 2007. Do we need to re-install the server in order to get the option to select OCS? The Service type is grayed with "LCS/Windows Messenger" No way I can see to change it.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have tried following the steps but I keep gettting an error saying 'device has been denied access by the server'

Any Ideas?

St-Thomas-Orthodox-Church said...

Does Blackberry Support OCS 2007 R2 CWA that is coming out next week?

Anonymous said...

Does Blackberry Support OCS 2007 R2 CWA that is coming out next week?

Robert said...

RIM has not officially gave any comment on supporting OCS 2007 R2 CWA, but i can confirm it is working in our own infrastructure. The setup is basically the same as the normal OCS 2007.

Paul Adams - said...

Hi Robert,

I've upgraded to OCS R2 & cannot get my BB user's to login using the OCS client on thier BB's...

I've wiped BB's & reinsalled SP6 of BES to check settings.

Works fine if you use a normal web browser.

You said it's basically the same to seup & config - would you have any advice on any settings in particular that are different?

Thanks in advance

Paul Adams

Robert said...

Hi Paul,
I'm also having issues right now. I had users who could login and some are not able login. I'm still troubleshooting this issue. I will let you know when i find a solution.

Binesh said...

Robert, We're planning to upgrade from LCS to OCS r2 and Enterprise Messenger has been very reliable for 400+ users. I have been testing OCS r2 CWA and I am unable to get EM 2.1.10 to login. Rim indicated they currently do not support OCS R2. If you get any update please post the configuration and fixes. Thank you

kk's atma said...

I installed 2.1.15 on my Bold, but still not able to connect to Communicator. ("Cannot connect to server") - I'm still one of the few beta users at my company.
While my BES admin is investigating ,could any of you offer any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

At our organization we learned that you needed to delete any previous verions of the enterprise messenger under the applications there. Once that is completed, the device will get the new client installed and will work properly.

Marco said...

Hi folks!

Thanks for this howto.

I've got a question:
our BES is running on

Since last week, we have an OCS (only R1). Is this possible to add the blackberry instant messaging support without a reinstall of the bes?

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

I took a few hours trying to get this going but wasn't able to. Basically what happens is if I intentionally put the wrong username or password, I get this:

“Your password was not accepted by the system. Please check your Windows account, whether your password has changed or whether the spelling is correct.”

If I put the correct username and password, I get this:

“Failed to login to server.”

I believe it's getting passed the authentication but some how failing after that. Anyone else experience this?

Xisco said...

I'm having exactly the same issue as Anon from 23rd March.

We've got a BES install and OCS 2007 R2. BlackBerry OCS client is the latest, 2.1.18.

Unfortunately we've never had a chance to test OCS 2007 pre R2 with the BES Communicator client, so do not know if it worked prior to the R2 install.

Every login attempt is met with the following in the BBIM BES log:

Sign-in Name =, does not match SIP URI of authenticating user; login failed.

That message is wrong, the Sign-In name being used is definitely the SIP URI (found from checking ADSIEDIT for the msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress in AD).

I can only assume that there must be some problem with OCS R2, and hope that RIM get this sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

After further troubleshooting for the past 2 days, I ran into the dead end Xisco has with the SIP URI not matching. We managed to find something about changing the krb5.conf file on BES and that didn't bring us any closer to getting it to work. We're also on R2 now but I have access to an R1 CWA server.

Robert said...

OCS2007 R2 is still not supported by RIM. Latest i heard it will be supported in BES 5.0 which is scheduled for may/june release.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen or know how to fix the "Device has been deined access by Server"? I've enabled the user to allow collabration and I've updated the Enterprise Manager to the latest 2.1.18 version.


Anonymous said...

We are having the same issue the only way I have been able to make it work is using a legacey cwa server... RIM is not going to do anything until 5.o release?

Anonymous said...

I currently have OCS 2007 R2 running in my environment.

I just upgraded my BES server to 4.1 Service Pack 6 last night and I am still not able to connect to my CWA box.

I have tried the FQDN on the CWA server itself. I have tried the URL of the CWA. I have also tried the IP Address internal and external IP for the CWA box.

At this point I am at a loss. Do I need to install any more upgrades i noticed that more have come out since 4.1 Service Pack 6.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Platoo said...

I have been able to configure my blackberry server to support ocs. however, while some user can sign in successfully, some users are unable to. Error message: "devices has been denied access by the server".

Also these affected users who are unable to sign in from their devices, can sign in successfully on some other devices.

Pls i need some help.thanks

Joachim Farla said...


The following are possible resolutions to the problem:
1. Turn on the Connection and Collaboration Service for the affected BlackBerry smartphone user accounts on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
2. In BlackBerry Manager, select the affected Blackberry smartphone users and under Service Access select Enable Connection and Collaboration Service.

Special thanks to Robert Nijbroek!

sudhin said...

Can i invoke this OCR through my web page through BB Browser?