Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Support21 CrossTalk Joachim Farla and Ton Stegeman

Support21 CrossTalk (first Part – I)

Joachim Farla [MVP] and Ton Stegeman [MVP] had an interview about Support21 live with Microsoft Academy Mobile which is published to the external community and partner channel very soon!

UPDATE: thanks for all the feedback! The previous YouTube movie was not the entire interview. Full Interview available on MSN Soapbox:

The support21 project is created from our work21 vision. It’s not a product. Organizations look for possibilities to make better use of the potential of their employees. They search for more innovative ways of working.

The organization's greatest assets are their employees; people can adjust, processes do not adjust by themselves. By finding the right combination of current knowledge, internal and external processes and communication we can assist on your journey the new way of working. We call this work21.


Marc said...
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Marc said...

Would love to see the 2nd part of the interview, so I can see the application.
Nice IW solution