Friday, May 15, 2009


Hoofddorp, May 15, 2009 --- Headset specialists Plantronics today handed out the Wireless Office Prize to partner MaXXus Communications. MaXXus are the winners of the annual Wireless Office Campaign, which Plantronics organises to bring the advantages of wireless calling to the attention of potential customers. MaXXus Communications sold the most wireless Plantronics headsets in the last half year and were awarded a 47-inch Philips Ambilight LCD television.

One of the wireless headsets that Plantronics has highlighted during the campaign is the CS60. This DECT-headset offers the freedom to move and has a reach of 50 meters from the base station. This makes it possible to walk away from your desk and keep your hands free for other activities. Companies had the opportunity to test and use the wireless headsets during the campaign and experience the advantages for themselves. It worked: after the test period with the wireless headsets a large number of customers have changed over permanently to the CS60.

Brenda van Dura, manager of eXXtended solutions with MaXXus Communications, is impressed with the price and the results of the campaign. ‘This initiative by Plantronics is a response to the desire of companies to increase the flexibility and freedom of movement of employees and to improve the sound quality of calls. The responses have been very positive. This has not only helped us with the sale of Plantronics products, the sale of our whole portfolio has increased,’ laughed Van Dura.

‘The number of office workers who don’t use a headset is still large. This means there is a huge market potential for our partners’, said Peter Wuyts, General Manager Benelux and Nordics with Plantronics. ‘We know from experience that once office workers use a headset they no longer want to work without.’

About Plantronics

In 1969, a Plantronics headset carried the historic first words from the moon: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Since then, Plantronics has become the headset of choice for mission-critical applications such as air traffic control, 911 dispatch and the New York Stock Exchange. Today, this history of innovation is the basis for every audio product we build for the office, contact center, personal mobile, entertainment and residential markets. The Plantronics family of brands includes Plantronics, Altec Lansing and Clarity. For more information, go to or call (800) 544-4660.