Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making plans for 2010…


Dear blog readers! The central topic of this week is: What are you going to do in 2010! Well we will not stuck in the old days and we make some serious progress on what is (?) What will be on the cover @ sessions in 2010.

Attention: is something different comparing to the sessions and community effort on Dustin Hannifin his Community Site (which is brand new btw!! > take a look at . Check out their agenda of the December meeting. Dustin (.org) is covering the USA (International – English) part and our is focused on the Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands).

We both share the same ideas like doing these meetings. As Dustin said before “A virtual user group is a user group that hosts all meetings online. Presenters and attendees participate virtually via online tools such as Microsoft Live Meeting.”

Next year we will:

  • organize each quarter a session (4 x times in total).
  • make sure that content is available for offline viewing
  • start off the first session on Jan ‘10 (planned) – register today at (Dutch Only)
  • continue twittering about these activities ( ) FOLLOW!
  • involve SharePoint 2010 (all kind of topics, integration, possibilities)
  • present about he new version of OCS (no release date available)
  • start Social Networking in SharePoint 2010 (how does it reflect on other Microsoft Products)
  • continue the possibility for third parties to show their products which will integrate with Microsoft Products.
  • make the much better!
  • have the same online chats and discussions!

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