Monday, August 27, 2007

Today e-office upgraded to OCS2007RTM!

Today I upgraded the entire OCS environment from e-office to RTM. We also have installed Microsoft Communicator Web Access. In the next couple of days users are migrated from LCS2005SP1 to OCS2007. More information on how to migrate read my blog or contact me by e-mail


Helmer said...

Hey Joachim,

Super man!! Werkt het een beetje?


Joachim Farla (MCSE2003) said...

Yeh sure. Everything works well. Now we are working very hard to lauch Live Meeting Services and Enterprise Voice capabilities. Tnx for your response.

Dino Caputo said...

so there is a direct upgrade path from the public beta to RTM? Where do you blog about this?

Joachim Farla (MCSE2003) said...

hi dino. there is no direct upgrade path from PB to RTM. The following things you need to do.
(1) backup your RTC databases in SQL server and remove your existing pool(s).
(2) disable OCS services on all edge roles and restart your server(s).
(3) The Schema is not changed from Public Beta so you don't need to re-prep your Forest, Schema and Domain.
(4) Uninstall your OCS2007PB software and reboot your server(s).
(5) Install your servers with OCS2007RTM (eval edition or final edition)
(6) Recreate your pool and reconfigure your users.
(7) there is no possibility to preserve your contact(s) and groups created in your MOC client.sorry ;-)
(8) finally install all your OCS edge roles and you are back online.