Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upgrade OCS2007 Public Beta to OCS2007 RTM

We use OCS2007 Public Beta (PB) for a couple of weeks. Absolutely the most wonderful new product in my perspective.

As described earlier RTM is released and customers needs to upgrade Public Beta to RTM. Ofcourse this is only for customers who deployed PB in the production environment. Public Beta is only supported in test environments. In our case we know that the Schema isn't changed at all from Public Beta bits. So we deployed it right away :-)

In this post i will describe the steps to take for upgrading to RTM.

1. Backup your Active Directory and System States of your OCS2007 servers.
2. Backup your RTC databases (same for Standard and Enterprise deployments).
3. Submit your transaction logging in the RTC database.
4. If your OCS servers are running on Virtual Server 2005 (R2/SP1) snapshot your VHD's.
5. ATTENTION: there is no possibility to extract your contactlist or custom groups. This is only in our case because we do not migrate users between Enterprise Pools.

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