Sunday, September 21, 2008

Newsletter September 2008 releashed

UC Newsletter September 2008: Download

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Hi all,image

long time no see. The holiday season is over and everybody is working on new projects probably. For me in person the last 2 months where absolutely amazing. The little man (MVB) Tygo Finn Farla takes over all my available time. That is the reason it has been so quite the last time on this weblog. The world is completely different when having a child but is absolutely worth it. From my perspective of course.

This month the new UC newsletter September 2008 is released and available for download from Windows Skydrive if you want. Download. So, what are we working on:

  • The new Support21 application. The e-office support21 solution adds the power of speech server to a traditional support application. A support call by a customer would – in a traditional support environment – have to be handled by a (1st line) helpdesk employee. In the e-office support21 solution, this interaction is handled by the Speech Server. A support call by a customer is recorded and categorized by the speech server and filed in a SharePoint site. A follow up is produced by a 2nd line helpdesk employee and the speech server calls back the customer and ‘tells him’ the answer to his question. Apart from the obvious efficiency advantage, the solution removes the necessity for the support center to be in the same time zone as their customer.
  • Working on the next release of the New Way of Work (NWOW) event. Each 3 or 4 months e-office and Macaw organize the NWOW-event. Completely driven on Live Meeting on two seperate physical locations.
  • Technical blog articles on how the support21 application is designed.
  • Working on a big UC deployment internally at e-office to support our vision on work21 and our common base. "We are a genuine human software organisation, marketing innovative solutions and services for partners through excellence" and our main vision is: "We are the world standard human software partner empowering people and organisations through excellence".
  • Become StartReady Technology and Solution Provider on Microsoft Search Server 2007 and the new UC appliances!! Stay tuned on our website.
  • and much more….

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