Monday, September 8, 2008

OFCCT201 - All-Up Unified Communications and Collaboration Demo


At Tech.Ed Australia Ian Palangio and I did a 75 presentation that contained no PowerPoint slides.  It was a complete demonstration of Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies available from Microsoft including:

  • Office 2007
  • Office Groove 2007
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Office Communicator 2007
  • LiveMeeting Hosted Service
  • Office Communications Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2007 including Unified Messaging

An interesting thing is that we completely performed our demonstration live on Microsoft infrastructure - the real stuff that Ian and I (plus 100,000 others) use imageevery day.  We connected remotely into Microsoft's network and completed a complete project centric demo.  Ian was connected via VPN, and I was VPN-less on a very slow network.  My (very) slow network actually wasn't deliberate, it was due to infrastructure issues at the event - but it ended up showing some of the capabilities of our technologies on low-bandwidth/high-latency networks quite well.

Ian has created a Word document of what our demonstration script was, and screen shots of what was shown.  For those that attended, you can follow through this content easily.  For others, it is a long demonstration scenario around how a company could run an Innovation or R&D type project - in our case it was around the development of a Bluetooth integrated Bicycle Helmet.

You can download this Word demo script document (5MB) from Ian's Windows Live SkyDrive at:

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