Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plantronics Calisto® P540‐M Wideband USB Deskphone for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007



Optimized for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 R2*,
the Plantronics Calisto P540‐M USB phone’s familiar desktop design eases user transition into the PC calling environment. With this optimized USB deskphone, customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simple plug‐and‐play design allows users to be up and running with
    Microsoft® Office Communicator in minutes when connected to user’s PC via
    the USB port
  • Bright, backlit LCD gives users the information they need including incoming
    caller ID, time, and user’s online status/presence
  • Wideband audio heightens speech clarity and reduces errors ensuring
    excellent PC audio call quality
  • One‐touch audio management including volume control and worry‐free mute
    key that lights up when activated
  • Users can work hands‐free using the integrated speakerphone or by plugging a headset into the RJ‐22 headset port that is compatible with Plantronics H top headsets and U10P cables

With Calisto P540‐M USB for Office Communicator 2007, customers benefit from
streamlined PC call management through a familiar phone interface, high‐quality
audio quality due to wideband capabilities, and quick access to audio adjustments like volume control and mute. Moreover, the hands‐free options of either using the integrated speakerphone or plugging in a headset allow improved user productivity
and more effective communication while using Unified Communications applications
such as IM or email.

*Min. version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 version 3.5.6907.3


Matt Landis said...


Have you had a chance to test one of these?

I've been playing with the Polycom cx300:

It appears like a lot of the integration only works with Enterprise Voice. (the big thing being OC call pickup and hangup controlled from phone only works if EV is enabled?)

I'm trying figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if ent. voice is the missing piece.


Joachim Farla said...

No, sorry we didn't test this device. Currently we are waiting on our Sales Kit from Plantronics. Keep you updated.

Headsets Direct said...


I'm struggling to grasp UC and how a small business can take advantage. Often a call comes in on a land line and I would like to transfer that call to VoIP and use OC 2007. Is that possible?


Joachim Farla said...

Hmm I really dont I understand your questions. Can you be more briefly?

Headsets Direct said...

Expanding on my question. We’re a small business of 10 and provide headsets to many companies of similar size and structure…..We hear how great UC is but I can’t grasp how it helps a small business yet. For us we have an Avaya Partner phone. I’ve been toying with the idea of implementing OC 2007. As far as I can tell, the two don’t bridge together. We could use OC to IM, chat and use video in-house and if I’m working remotely, I could still be in contact with my staff.

So ... If a customer calls on the land line, and I’m working remotely, is there a way to transfer that call to OC and turn it into a VoIP call that I can take remotely?

For the most part, a small business is 95% of the time under one roof. I feel that UC is for a larger platform that bridges companies in different locations (or outside sales reps) together. Are there advantages for a small business that I’m missing. I would hate to implement OC for $2500-$5000 and not have some kind of benefit.