Monday, February 1, 2010

UC Partner Day on 2 February 2010

imageHurray! We are presenting on the next UC Partner Day tomorrow in Microsoft HQ Netherlands. Our main topic is social computing and OCS. We are going to talk about the e-office proposition in the Microsoft UC competence. Taking a “deep” dive in the UC/OCS as new communication platform. Little information about Wave 14 and the new version of the upcoming OCS “14” version. How Social Computing/Media is playing a role in people’s head etc etc.

 imageHow you can use SharePoint 2010 and doing social.                   

The presentation is completely virtualized. No bullet presentation, no long sentences on what so ever.  That is kind of a new style for us.  

We are very excited to be at Microsoft tomorrow morning. Hopefully we got lots of interaction. And we will have interaction:

Bas Krikke is also entering the stage!

Our timeframe: Social Media & OCS  14:00 – 14:30 (Join us) for more information about Wave 14 etc see this link.

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