Monday, April 26, 2010

Microsoft Communications Server 2010 Licensing (Wave 14)

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image Long time ago I did some blog posting on the OCS 2007 R2 licensing model. You can find my first blog post here. Today some new information was released about future licensing changes resulting from the upcoming Microsoft Office Communications Server “wave 14” release (the official name right now is: Microsoft Communications Server 2010). A short wrap up for you is provided over here:

  • In CS2010 access to the voice workload will be licensed via its own Client Access License (“OCS Voice CAL”)
  • ”Some of the voice specific capabilities will be removed from the OCS wave 14 Enterprise CAL and combined with new voice features/functionality in the new CS Voice CAL.
  • The OCS wave 14 Voice CAL will be an additive CAL on top of the OCS wave 14 Standard CAL.
  • The OCS Voice CAL and associated voice functionality will not be included within the Enterprise CAL Suite (ECAL Suite) when OCS wave 14 launches.
  • The OCS wave 14 Enterprise CAL will undergo a price decrease to reflect the move of voice functionality to the OCS Voice CAL
  • Customers who purchased an OCS Enterprise CAL or the ECAL Suite prior to July 1, 2009 and have maintained their Software Assurance have access rights equivalent to the rights under the OCS Voice CAL for two releases, OCS wave 14 and OCS wave 15.

Source: link (entire article on licensing).

If you need any additional information please contact your local software reseller or shoot me an email.