Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UCVUG Q2 Recording and downloads

Amazing presentations by Ilse van Criekinge and Mike Stacy! Last night we organized our second Virtual User Group for this year. Microsoft Communications Server 2010 and the Wave 14 devices from Polycom (phones) were on the stage. After a short introduction from the founder and organizer we started with the first session (Ilse van Criekinge -  MSFT) and later on the second session presented by (Mike Stacy – Polycom)

In this blogpost we will give you all the slidedecks and offline recordings made during the UCVUG sessions. Spread the world!

Video Recording: here (currently converting)

Download 1. Main Slidedeck - here

clip_image001Session 1: Ilse Van Criekinge talking about W14 introduction and voice capabilities (wrap up TechDay’s). Presented in English.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Communications Server “W14”
    Positioning and main features for Microsoft Communications Server “W14”, with emphasis on Voice and Collaboration capabilities
  • New voice capabilities and infrastructure in Microsoft Communications Server “W14”
    Detailed description of voice features in Microsoft Communications Server “W14”, with discussion of implications on topology and interoperability

Ilse Van Criekinge has recently joined Microsoft as a Technology Advisor – Microsoft Unified Communications. Before that she worked as an ICT Trainer and Consultant for Global Knowledge. Being an MCT, she has offered several companies guidance in their Exchange and MOM deployments, as well as auditing the disaster recovery capabilities in their mail environment. Ilse has held the Exchange MVP award for three years since April 2007. You can follow her experiences at

Download 2. Session 1 Slidedeck - here

Session 2: Mike Stacy (OCS MVP) talking about Polycom and their UC offering. Presented in English.

  • Quick overview on the products involved in the Microsoft solution
  • Review of the current and near term (April release) Microsoft integration
  • Live Demo

clip_image002Mike Stacy is a Microsoft Solutions Architect for Polycom and Microsoft OCS MVP.  Before joining Polycom in January, Mike was responsible for designing and deploying Microsoft-based unified communications solutions for enterprise customers as large as 160,000 users.  Mike is also a former Microsoft employee, where he worked as a Premier Field Engineer and later as a Unified Communications TSP out of the New York City office.

Download 3. Session 2 Slidedeck - here

Special thanks to our sponsors Ferrari Electronic AG and Plantronics for supporting us!

We are still looking for interesting speakers for our Q3 meeting UCVUG. Contact me directly.

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