Thursday, May 6, 2010

UCVUG searching for sponsors

TW: #ucoms #uc #ocs.

As you might know (focused on Unified Communications User Group) is started in 2009 and organized 7 sessions each quarter. 20 September 2010 is our next session scheduled. 10 tickets already sold. UCVUG is trying to get +/- 100 attendees by the end of August 2010. UCVUG Q3 community meeting is scheduled for you and your partners. They can register for FREE: link (feel free to spread out this link within your own network).

Sponsor advantages:

  • Your name will be on the sponsor slide deck presented by Live Meeting
  • Your name is in all offline material after initial session (publish date week 39) referenced in a blogpost on UC International Weblog
  • Your name will be on kick off speaker slot (presented by Joachim Farla – founder UCVUG)
  • Your representative get one speaker slot for next UCVUG meeting (planned for December 2010)

We are still looking for sponsors for this event. Are you interested in sponsoring this event? So that we can continue our activities in the UC space?

Our current sponsors are: Polycom,…..

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