Friday, April 25, 2008

Error in Conference Center configuration

Recently we had some problems with our own Conference Center configuration. As you can see below you will get an error message with the exact text:

"Content failed to download due to a problem with the Conference Center configuration. Contact your administrator"


The best way to resolve these issues is to check the following items:

  • Check your eventlog on your OCS server
  • Check your eventlog in Windows Vista  (make sure you use the Snooper.exe tool to filter error messages)
  • Run the Deployment Validation Tool

Checking these we saw that there was no error message at all. So we get al little bit confused. Still we had some moments thinking that we can resolve these issues. And we did! When you have the error above please make sure your check the following configurations.

1. Check if you are using the correct proxy in the IE browser. For ultimate testing just disable the proxy for one moment. Try to re-connect. Make sure the IE browser is restarted.

2. Another reason may be that the WMI (InternalClientContentDownloadURL) property isn't configured correctly.

Log on to an Office Communications Server 2007 Standard Edition Server or a server in an Enterprise Edition pool, or a server with Office Communications Server 2007 administrative tools installed, as a member of the RTCComponentUniversalServices group or an account with equivalent user rights.

  • At the command prompt, type wbemtest.exe.
  • In the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester dialog box, click Connect.
  • In the Connect dialog box, in Namespace, type root\cimv2, and then click Connect.
  • In the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester dialog box, click Query.
  • In the Query dialog box, type the query, such as:
  • Select * from MSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySetting where Backend = “contoso-sql”
  • In the Query dialog box, click Apply.
  • In the Query Result dialog box, double-click MSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySetting.
  • In the Object editor dialog box, do the following: To change the location of meeting content, double-click the InternalClientContentDownloadURL property. In the Property Editor dialog box, change the value to  your URL (for example:, and then click Save Property


When hitting this URL you will get an HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
Internet Explorer. With this configuration the Conference Center works again for us.

Virtual Directory (Null Virtual Directory). On each virtual directory etc/place/null we configured anonymous authentication (out of the box).



Anonymous said...

Hi there

Have the exaxt same problem.

Tried to follow your instructions but don't know what I should be entering instead of Backend = "contoso-sql"

Should "contoso-sql" be substituted for the name of the sql server? What if Standard Edition OCS has been installed using SQL Express, what should be used then?

Appreciate any advice.


Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

nice question couple of minutes ago when you are having a Standard Edition Server deployment while send the query just put in Select * from MSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySetting and the (local)\\RTC is automatically selected.

Anonymous said...


Got the correct query, and confirmed that the InternalClientContentDownloadURL property has the correct URL i.e.

Yet Whiteboard problem persists.

When I try to access the above URL I get a 'The page cannot be found' HTTP 404 error.

Thinking this is an IIS misconfiguration, but have had no success yet.

Thanks again


Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

I was getting a 403 forbidden on this virtual directory. So a 404 is probably a misconfiguration in your IIS deployment.

Gary Grudzinskas said...

Thanks so much for the post. What fixed mine was the anonymous access to the NULL Virtual Directory.

Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

Good to see, have fun and stay tuned on this weblog!

Elan said...

Getting an invalid query when trying to query inside wbemtest. We're using Enterprise with a SQL BE and I tried using the servername as well as the servername\instance. Still invalid query. Any suggestions?

Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

Select * from MSFT_SIPESGlobalRegistrarSetting where backend="server name\\sql instance" this should be work. Joachim

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