Monday, April 21, 2008

Mac Messenger 6.0.3 compatible with OCS2007

Recently Microsoft announced that the Mac Messenger for the Mac will support OCS functionality. image One of our graphical designers is having a iBook and also installed the latest Mac OS/Office 2008 version. Today we had a short discussion about his Mac Messenger 6.0.3 (link). He had some complains about his Mac OS integration and ability to chat with contacts into the OCS-infrastructure. 

So we did some tests and the Mac Messenger is fully compatible with OCS2007. If its supported I don't know but it works. Some people in the community had some problems importing the correct certificates. We didn't change anything in the Client Connection Filter on both the internal OCS server or the OCS Access Edge.

When signing in we get the following error message:

Microsoft Messenger cannot sign you in:

Either the date and time settings are incorrect, or the digital certificate file is not valid or installed on your computer.  If date and time are correct, see your network administrator to verify that your digital certificate file is valid and installed.

Below the steps to correct this error.

Step 1. Import the correct certificates (be sure importing both the External Edge (RA) certificate if you have it and also the internal certificates (so import both the root/subordinate CA).


We went to Applications -> Office 2008 -> Office - Microsoft Cert Manager and imported the certificate in the Apple trusted root certificate authority. Make sure all these certificates are trusted for everyone on the system  (we had some difficulties with it)


Step 2.

to configure the Mac Messenger, we choose to Manually configure settings and entered the FQDN of the OCS server and checked to communicate with TLS. You can also use the Automatic setting (make sure the internal and external SRV-records in DNS are entered correctly).

Step 3.

to connect the Microsoft Messenger. Make sure the domain name is entered correctly and that the SIP address space is correct (example:



Rob Dinnissen said...


In addition:

MAC Messenger 6 is officially supported by Microsoft LCS 2005.
Because Communicator 2005 also works with OCS, the MAC Messenger 6 also works with OCS (IM+basic Presence protocol is the same).

Within a couple of days/weeks MAC Messenger 7 will be released (Beta program runs since end-of 2007).

Mac Messenger 7 will officially support OCS 2007.
Most important new features will be: support for Rich Presence en Audio/Video !

Regards, Rob Dinnissen.

Joachim Farla (MCSE2003) said...

Thanks Rob!

Joshua said...

where can i get those two certs from to import? our company is having the same problem.


Angela Hunter said...

How do I locate the two certificates you mentioned? I am the only mac user in my company so I'm not getting any support from them. Your blog is the only thing that I've found that's getting me closer to a solution. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

the screen grab you've shown has the certificates imported as Intermediate Certificate Authorities but in the text you say you imported them as Apple Trusted Root Certificate Authorities...?

Joachim Farla said...

I've forwarded your question to our Mac-man. He will respond in a short time period.

Diego said...

I've read various forums on this topic. What I don't get is where can I get those certificates from? When you say "your company, your org", etc are you referring to your working place or to the company who provides you with internet access? I just switched to a mac a week ago, I'm not much of a computer guy and am totally confused. Help on this would be really appreciated.