Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comparison List Communicator client vs Office *

We see lots of questions within the community about the Good Better Best document for Unified Communications (Communicator versions vs. Office versions). Via some insights I get an nice overview of this comparison list.

Communicator version requirements:

  • Full = All Office 2010 features (including improved Outlook Search and Quick Contacts)
  • Limited = Office Communicator 2007 functionality (IM, presence, call. No improved Outlook Search or Quick Contacts)
  • Basic = IM and presence (No call.)
  • None = No presence or integration at all

imageimage I absolutely like to see the nice integration between Office Communicator 3.5.6907.83 and Office 2010 Beta.

Especially the new contact card (see example above) in Outlook 2010 and other Office 2010 applications. And the organization tab on each invidual user is awesome. It also reflects the organization hierarchy in SP2010 (Silverlight Profile Display) You have to check that out. When its time to release Office Communicator 2010 (2010 Q4) then you see that the user experience is the same while using Office 2010. The world of integration!

image That’s why I like to product so much. Just within a few clicks you can contact someone or start a video chat within the context of subject. That’s what we call contextual collaboration. Within the context asking a direct question and get a very quick answer.

More information can also be found on UCVUG (Wave 14, UCMA 3.0 the look and feel of the new Communicator client.

Presentation overview:

Session 1. Speaker: Matthijs Hoekstra about Wave 14 and the new version of OCS (14). From a development perspective.                 Download the presentation on (here)

The full presentation can be viewed here:  Unified Communications Virtual User Group Q1 Meeting – **LIVE**

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