Sunday, July 8, 2007

Enterprise Voice

Next week e-office is connecting AudioCodes (Audio Codes MP114) to the OCS infrastructure. The MP114 is a basic VOIP gateway with allows you to make phone calls outside you organization. Optimal integration within the OCv2.0! So it’s a different approach comparing with the LCS clearing house connection at Interoute. More information next week.

AudioCodes MP114 Features

Available in three configurations:

4 FXS ports (to connect analog telephones and fax machines)
2 FXO ports (to connect to the PSTN), and 2 FXS ports
4 FXO ports
Selectable, multiple low bitrate codecs per channel
Internal power supply
T.38 compliant, Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic switching to PCM or ADPCM
G.168-2002 complaint Echo Cancellation, Dynamic programmable Jitter Buffer, Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), and modem detection with auto-switch to PCM
Supports SIP (RFC 3261), H.323 v4 and MGCP (RFC 2705)
Web Management for easy configuration and installation
SNMP and syslog support
EMS for all-embracing management operations (FCAPS)
Automatic cut-over of a single analog line in case of power failure (lifeline)

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