Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OCS2007PB Deployment Steps (1-4)

Today OCS is getting hot within organizations. At this moment OCS is only available as Public Beta for testing purposes. Public Beta is not for production environments. So we will advise you to wait for the release to manufactures (RTM) of OCS2007. Parallel on the Public Beta there is a TAP program for the Release Candidate on OCS2007. We will expect OCS2007 RTM within 4 or 5 weeks from now.

Until then e-office would to like to help you with planning your technical implementation of OCS2007 within you corporate production environment. How do we arrange that? Quite simple just in logical steps. OCS can be deployed within 9 implementation steps. All these logical steps are described in detail on this blog. Tomorrow morning we will start with the first 4 steps. Check on this later.

The first 4 steps:

- Prep Schema
- Prep Forest
- Prep your Active Directory domain structure
- Design your OCS edge roles

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