Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Interoute One and e-office

There is a very nice piece of information you can read about the product Interoute One. We use Interoute One for a time now and we are very excited about the bunch of possibilities within your IM-infrastructure. e-office is connected to a LCS clearing house hosted by interoute to integrate our IM-applications with voice.

Interoute One

Learn morewww.interoute.com

Eclipse is the only SBC that can enable Interoute One
VoIP is the baseline, but service providers recognize that the key to revenue is through the enablement of Unified Communications - services such as video, IM, presence, application sharing and others - that streamline critical business processes.
Eclipse from Covergence is the only Session Border Controller (SBC) that works at the application-level to support multi-media collaboration applications like Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) and Live Communication Server (LCS). Eclipse is the only SBC that could enable the delivery of Interoute One.

Interoute is the owner operator of Europe's most advanced and densely connected voice and data network, encompassing over 53,000 kms of lit fibre. More than €1 billion in e-commerce transactions flows through its data centres each day, making Interoute a key part of Europe’s Digital Supply Chain.

Interoute's customers needed a service provider who could:
Make VoIP, video, IM and presence as easy to manage and as cost effective as email
With the security, reliability and quality appropriate for business use
Without the need for new hardware, software or complex integration
At an extremely competitive price point
Interoute determined that the only way to meet these requirements would be by transforming the enterprise desktop into the ultimate communication tool by offering customers secure, reliable business-grade unified communications.

By teaming with Microsoft and Covergence, Interoute was able to launch their new Interoute One service. Interoute One enables the secure federation of LCS/OCS servers so that companies with LCS/OCS can communicate directly with other companies using all of the Microsoft Office Communicator functions to their full potential (IM, Video, Calls, presence). Interoute One securely extends unified communications beyond the walls of the enterprise.
Eclipse powers Interoute One. Eclipse is the only Session Border Controller (SBC) that supports all modes of OC/LCS communication (peer-to-peer audio, video, telephony, file transfer, phone control, conference control, etc.).

Designed for VoIP and multi-media collaboration
Eclipse combines traditional border control with comprehensive security and powerful management capabilities to deliver a single point of security, control and management for VoIP, video, IM, presence and other services that are based on the SIP protocol.

Only solution that supports all modes of OC/LCS communication (peer-to-peer audio, video, telephony, file transfer, phone control, conference control, etc)
  • Brings Microsoft's Live Communications Server and Office Communications Server under central policy control
  • Secures use of Office Communicator client for IM, presence and VoIP
  • Enables secure federations of LCS/OCS servers
  • Enables interworking between LCS and IBM Sametime

To find out how Eclipse can help your organization deliver new, impactful services today, email info@covergence.com or call 978-823-5200.

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