Monday, November 12, 2007

Communicator Web Access

Communicator Web Access (2007 release) is an Office Communications Server 2007 server role that is now available on the Office Communications Server 2007 CD and no longer downloadable from the web. Communicator Web Access (CWA) addresses a specific customer need that is not satisfied by any other Office Communications Server 2007 server role. CWA provides a server scale client for Office Communications Server that targets the following 3 platforms:

  • Locked-down Windows – these are IT administered Windows computers, and therefore users cannot install Office Communicator 2007 to sign-in to Office Communications Server. Such users can still sign-in to Office Communications Server via CWA.
  • Non-Windows platforms – computers not running a Windows operating system cannot install Office Communicator 2007. Such users can use CWA.
  • Mobile client platforms – mobile devices with web browsing capability and compatible with AJAX technology or a custom client can potentially sign-in to Office Communications Server using CWA.

More information on the MOC weblog: CWA Tenx guys!


Jim Burton said...

For those interested here's a great list of API's available in Office Communications Server 2007:

Joachim Farla (MCSE2003) said...

Absolutely the best blog to find more about API etc.Tenz

meghu said...

Communicator Web Access with UAG has been a source of confusion for some UAG customers, mostly because these products offer a wide range of functionality. Some of this is pretty simple to configure, and some takes more planning.