Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend off!

This weekend i was completely free. No work, no UC related things. I enjoyed it! Of course in this weekend there was something interesting catching my eye! After 1 hour sitting on my bike to Utrecht we arrived at Media Market.

No thats not real! Right? Worlds biggest Plasma TV. Woh! And also very cheap 60k euro's! heheh.


Some specs:

  • Panasonic TH 103 PF9 EK
  • 262 cm display!
  • Full HD 1920-1080P
  • Contrast 5000:1
  • 2m pixels!
  • Worlds biggest plasma
  • Price: well i think i have to talk with my boss ;-)
  • 103-inch
  • 220 kg....
  • 1500W ;-) jezus chri..


Conclusion: nice TV to put Media Center on hahaha. Next week we are setting on the UC Launch in the Kuip (Rotterdam)... stay tuned! 

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