Friday, November 30, 2007

Question from a dear reader...


since some weeks I follow your blog about OCS on and I appreciate your work very much.

I am desperatly looking for information about how OCS clients communication flows over the network:

For example a OCS user on a OCS server in Europe makes an IM communication with another OCS user on a OCS server in the same organization in the USA. I found that the SIP communication and the content oft he instant messages flows via the OCS servers and Video and Audio Streams flow directly from client computer to client computer?

  • But how are Video and Audio streams for Live Meetings flowing And how are the streams for voice calls flowing?
  • And how are those streams flowing for remote, federated and internet (=public IM) users?

I already googled a lot and studied almost all the OCS guides from MS but I have not found any complete documentation about the network requirements of OCS clients. I found a lot about how the network/firewall configuration must be for the OCS server itself but not for the OCS clients.

It would be great if you could point me to a good place where I can find that information.

Joachim Farla: well I pointed it out as good as possible. Review the OVUG Forum and give me your feedback. More information on: my feedback on OVUG

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