Monday, May 19, 2008

Stay tuned..

Would you like to stay tuned with the latest information about UC and UC development? We can send you the latest information my email each month.

Just to provide an extra service for everyone in the UC community. By the way this weblog is also RSS-enabled so just add the site to your RSS-reader and there you go!

If you like it by email please SUBSCRIBE.

Since this month the newsletters we've send are available through SkyDrive powered by Windows Live. Password-protected online file storage. Always available where you need it.


Also big news is that my colleague Marc Wetters joined the biggest UC weblog in the Netherlands. Together we post about UC infrastructure and UC development. Just to deliver the right content on the right place for the right people ;-). Because the code we published on the regular UC weblog takes much more space we have moved the UC dev content to the new weblog Unified Communications Development. The next few days we apply some additional webparts and layout to make it more familiar.

We like your feedback just to provide the best content. If you are having Communicator 2007 or Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 connected to the World Wide Web you can send us a SIP INVITE on or

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