Friday, May 30, 2008

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Software Update Service Deployment Guide

This document describes how to deploy Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Software Update Service. Version 1.2 download it now.

File Name: OCS_UpdateServiceDeploy.doc
Version: 1.2
Date Published: 5/29/2008
Language: English
Download Size: 2.1 MB

Unified communication (UC) devices, such as Microsoft® Communicator Phone Experience and Microsoft RoundTable™, enable rich communication within an organization. Deploying these devices requires regular maintenance by the IT department, which includes providing available software updates to these unified communications devices. All UC devices rely on an automatic mechanism to obtain software update required on a regular basis.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Upgrade Service provides an automated way to update all unified communications devices deployed in an organization. These software updates can be the latest enhancements or fixes to known issues in the current version already deployed on the device. This document guides you through the process of deploying the Office Communications Server 2007 Software Update Service in your organization.


mg said...

do you work for microsoft?

Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

I'm an independent Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant working at e-office with my specialism in UC and SharePoint.

phyler said...

So, any pointers on getting this setup? When I try to create the SharePoint site I get a "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized". I ran the Microsoft.RTC.UCServer.SharePointSetup.exe command with the same user I used to install SharePoint which happens to have domain admin rights.

Can't find much on this error at all out there.


Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

Hmm I will look.

phyler said...

FYI, I figured it out. The AppPools were running as Network Service, I changed these to a domain account and everything proceeded fine. Now if I could only get a network trace to see if the phones were actually trying to talk to the update server as I'm not getting any log files in my SharePoint site and everything looks to be setup correctly.