Friday, May 23, 2008

Unified Communications Development/Infrastructure update

Unified Communications Development is absolutely booming at the moment. Marc and I get more hits on our weblogs than ever before. Also good to see is that you as weblog reviewer is looking for more brief information about how you can easily develop powerful applications with OCS.

In a very early stage e-office was busy with the UC competence to develop nicely UC applications.
The good news is that we will continue doing this. So I can assure you that this weblog and the Unified Communications Development weblog will be frequently updated with new code samples and unified infrastructure related  news.

As you saw before Marc Wetter Software Architect at e-office is lifting up the whole UC development Suite to the next level and produce constructive code samples to design your own UC customized application integrated in probably Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Server v3 or other projects.

If you lost this information before, underneath a short overview of all blog posts we published about custom build UC applications.
How to build a Silverlight UC client with Silverlight 2 Beta 1?

We also published information about how to develop Middle Tier UC applications: Developing middle tier UC applications

How to get/set presence in UCMA:

UCMA Getting Presence using UCMA
UCMA Setting Presence using UCMA

Also how to create a UC Routing Application with UCMA. Check it here

Bottom line we are very busy with OCS and especially the UC development tools. What can you expect from us:

  • A business case where MOSS2007 is used as enterprise platform with integration to OCS
  • a UC custom application to get information out of your CRM system when having a inbound call from a fictive customer;
  • how to make an effective backup of OCS and how to restore it?;
  • Part 2 of Integrate OCS in webpages using JavaScript connecting through the webservice. Coming soon! Part 1 see here
  • .... and some extra hot news... we can’t say it ;-) 

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