Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Integrating OCS and OCS Speech Server

A couple of days ago Michael Dunn wrote an article about how to integrate OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 Speech Server. (see his post here).

After some investigation and some mismatches into my configuration my OCS Speech Server is up and running. The article of Michael Dunn is a good step into the right direction in integrating the OCS Speech server into your infrastructure.

When configuring OCS Speech server make sure you configure the following things:

1. Install a appropriate certificate for the OCS speech server (make sure you export the private key) when certsrv web enrollment is installed on your CA server you can ask for it through the webinterface. For assigning a certificate click properties in the server selection. (Speech Server Administrative Console)


2. Click and assign certificate select (select certificate). Make sure you select view certificate to make sure the certificate is in “ok” status. Restart your Speech Server services.


3. Create additionally an authorized host in your OCS Administrative Console. Fill-in the FQDN of your OCS Speech Server


Enjoy and it’s absolutely cool to integrate this into your existing OCS infrastructure. More information into the near future > OCS Speech Server Weblog 

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