Monday, July 14, 2008

POSTcti Live-PA Intelligent Call Recorder

This week e-office is playing around with a new service you can connect directly in OCS as online recording system for audio calls. The system is called Live-PA (POSTcti Live-PA Intelligent Call Recorder) and is still under Beta-status.

LivePA has been imagedeveloped and extensively tested by our own software engineers and as a fully Microsoft integrated product it represents the best of breed solution to any call recording, scheduling and compliance needs.  Live-PA is an easy way for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, (OCS 2007), to record calls and archive them in a straightforward searchable way.  It does this by running an automated group of virtual assistants that appear as available or busy, and when invited into a call one will record the conversation and save the compressed file along with potential identification data for later retrieval.  Recruiting a virtual assistant is done simply by dragging and dropping icons and the GUI appears very similar to OCS 2007 itself making it simple to use with minimal training.  Immediate access is then available via your desktop computer, just like a Microsoft Word document.

Stay tuned on this weblog to see how this products is managed generally and how it created technically.

More information to do some beta testing? Review this contact details: John Maguire, Project Manager at PostCTI

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Ankita said...

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