Thursday, July 24, 2008

OCS Powerpack releashed

image The OCS 2007 PowerPack provides access to major OCS 2007 Global, User, and Server objects and settings. This includes Users, Edge and Federation, Servers and Global settings. Some objects add links and actions to view further information and to provision and help administer OCS.

This PowerPack was partially based on the OCS Powershell Scripts found in the companion CD of the "Office Communication 2007 Resource Kit" book (

Powerpack Feature Highlights:

  • View and Provision OCS settings on users
  • View all AD details for OCS users
  • Use canned filters to quickly view which users are enabled or disabled for key OCS functionality.
  • Enable/Disable key OCS functionality (e.g. Public IM)
  • Remotely View key Edge settings (from an OCS Administrative Tool or Front-End computer), including:
  • Internal and External Edge server settings
  • Federated Partners and Federated Public IM Network Settings
  • Easily access and view all OCS Global Settings in one location, including Pools, Enterprise Voice and Meeting Settings and Policies, Location Profiles, Normalization Rules, Archive and CDR, and Federation.
  • On any local OCS machine:
  • View and Control OCS Services
  • View OCS specific Event Log Errors and Warnings
  • Provision Address Book settings that not available in the OCS

Functionality likely coming in V2:
Server Role Definition and Awareness (use can specify what hostnames to use for certain roles)

  • Alternate Credentials
  • Certificates Information and Actions
  • More Phone Route Information
  • More Diagnostics


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