Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live-PA General Product Info

At the moment we do some beta testing for this company and we really like this add-on. Within this article we would to show you more general information on the product. After that we show you some insights (part II). Coming soon!

What Is Live-PA?

Just think of Live-PA as another OC contact, but, in this case, one that you hire and use whenever the need arises. To hire the services of Live-PA visit, sign up, and simply add the Manager to your list of OC contacts. That’s it – no software or hardware to install and maintain! The Live-PA software resides on its own secure servers, and is accessed via the internet whenever you use Manager.  It starts recording immediately when invited into a conversation on any Office Communicator (OC) enabled computer or communications device, further enhancing the functionality of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

Key Features


All you do to make a voice recording is drag-and-drop Live-PA Manager into an OC conversation in the same way you would add any other contact, and a Live-PA is assigned to start recording your conversation.

Once a recording is in progress you can instruct the Live-PA to pause, resume or perform other actions with the recording. For example you might want to add voice bookmarks to make it quick and easy to find specific points in a conversation, or add tags to be able to index your recordings, again for easy retrieval. You can even add bookmarks and tags to recordings after they have been made.

Instructing a Live-PA is as simple as double-clicking it in the list of participants, which opens a private Instant Messaging (IM) window, and then typing or selecting simple IM commands, such as ‘pause’, ‘resume’ and ‘tag’.

At the end of a conversation, or when you choose to stop, recordings are retained on Live-PA’s secure storage servers for later retrieval via the website.

Playback & Storage

As with recording, playback and maintenance of your recordings is very simple. It is done on-line via any browser, and so all you have to do is log in to the Live-PA website using the login details you specified at sign-up, find your recording and click ‘Play’.   Playback is carried out by a Silverlight plugin allowing seamless play and rewind and all recordings are held using standards based encryption.


Tags help to locate and categorise recordings on the Live-PA website.  They can be accessed via a Web 2.0 Tag Cloud or via a simple search.

A tag is a description you add to the whole of a recording. You can add as many tags as you like to each recording as it is being made, or later after it has been retrieved.

Live-PA automatically adds the time and date to each recording whether or not you add tags.

Voice Bookmarks

Voice bookmarks allow you to mark, and later find and listen to, specific points within a recording.

A voice bookmark is descriptive text you add to a specific point within a recording, or an automatic timestamp if you provide no text. During playback you click on a bookmark and this takes you directly to the marked point in the recording. You can add as many bookmarks as you like to a recording as it is being made, or later during playback.


Actions can be set through the Live-PA at any point in the recording - during or after the recording has been made. This enables you to build and store a list of actions derived from the call which they can then can click to jump to the specific part of the recording to refer to the audio notes directly. The action list can be emailed from to all the call attendees.

For more info, a trial account or to request a live demonstration please contact POSTcti (

Soon Part II to get some insights on this product. Keep up the good work guys.

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