Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Continue our dream..

e-office the Working Easier company

e-office is a company with a dream, our dream is called Working Easier. Our goal is to create the ultimate digital working environment that helps you and your colleagues to collaborate without boundaries.

To create these environments we use the People, Organisation and Technology principle. You need input and knowledge of all three fields to create the ideal working environment. The latest technology to make rich collaboration possible, enhancement of organisational processes to make sure there’s a fit with the Working Easier solution and last but not least, the human factor: People. The success of a solution depends on the people who work with it. That’s why e-office builds Working Easier solutions for and around people. Knowing what drives people, knowing what they define as successful is essential for a Working Easier solution.

e-office is constantly focussed on finding better solutions, therefore innovation is one of the driving forces. e-office is Microsoft Gold partner in the area of Information Worker and Infrastructure. Microsoft enables us to be a frontrunner on the Dutch market when it comes to implementing new technology.

For example e-office had the first Office2007 project, the first MOSS2007 MVP in The Netherlands and now our extensive knowledge on Unified Communications enables us to do projects in this area.

Obviously we’re ‘eating our own dogfood’ which means implementing all our learnings in our own high tech working environment. Check YouTube for a first impression of e-office: here

Are you interested in joining e-office please check our website and fill out the application form: here or contact me directly

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