Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day - 2 UC Voice Ignite Tour

What a wonderful event the UC Voice Ignite Tour. Great labs and good stuff to talk about with Microsoft-dudes.

At this event we have pretty good presenters Jan Brannstrom, Scoot Stubberfield, Chris Olsen, Doug Lawty, Byron Spurlock (also author of the OCS Resource Kit :-), Thomas Lee from Global Knowledge. Within some labs we needed to enter a lot of nomalization rules in a location profile in OCS2007.

Because working in pairs we thought ok, well we can also put in the normalization rules from 2 machines at the same time. Tip: do not input/enter normalization rules within the location profile at the same time.

Might be some buggy in large organizations I think. Especially at companies with multiple administrators who configure normalization rules.

our example:

Person A entering the normalization rules direct on the OCS server (same for Standard and Enterprise deployments)

Person B entering the normalization rules from a client logged on the domain with OCS Administrative Tools installed.

By clicking APPLY from both machines in the same window in a certain period (couple of seconds in our case) of time will make your changes inconsistently.

In which scenario will you come?

  • you entered the normalization rules in pairs
  • the first one hitting the apply button will see that the normalization rules are created
  • the second person who is hitting the apply button will not visually see that the normalization rules are created!
  • after entering the normalization rules you can click the forest-top into your MMC en see on the right side of your screen (Voice Tab) - the normalization rules you created both are visual
  • when opening your location profile you do not see all the normalization created before

Most of the time (when I do not see visually that the normalization is created people/administrators try it again. When doing so you will receive a OCS Warning box "The normalization rule name conflicts with other rule in the system".


1. Restart your FE-services in OCS (not affective in all circumstances)

2. Edit your domain portion of your directory (ADS) by going for example to  (you would only ee the some GUID's referring to your normalization rules)

DC=contoso,DC=com >CN=System>CN=Microsoft>CN=RTC Service, CN=Location Normalization Rules


do decide which GUID needs to be removed open each GUID and put on the option showing only strings with values. After finding the right GUID, delete the GUID and all if fixed up.

From Microsoft-insides there is no solution for this. Which means no one is contacting PSS for this. This is pure an assumption we did not verify already.


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