Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day -4 UC Voice Ignite Tour

Today we get very nice sessions.

I really hate myself because yesterday I did leave early because I had a bunch of e-mail (150 by the end of the day) into my business mailbox. So, a lot of work after very intense days of slide desks and lab’s.

The presenters over here are really great guys. It's also no problem to put on your questions after the initial sessions. Especially the guys from Global Knowledge (Thomas, Jan, Chris) did a very good job. The are also the makers of the UC Voice Ignite lab environment. Congrats to Global Knowledge!

Today we did a lot of stuff about Exchange 2007 SP1 and how it will integrate into OCS2007. How inbound provision works on the Microsoft Office Communicator Phone Edition aka Tanjay. Especially how you need to use the debugging tools and resource kit tools. And of course how to know in which sequence you need to use it.

The greatest moment in my opinion was the "make it real" session. Make your own OCS/Voice solution for a fictive customer. In my group we are sitting with guys with multiple competences. So that's very cool. As always you see that holding a centralized discussion is not easy at all!

Tomorrow morning we will continue with the current design we made. From this moment we already designed a very nice architecture (OCS internal infrastructure, OCS Edge infrastructure, ADS design - Site configuration, PKI/DNS configuration etc).

I had a very nice day! Thanks guys. We also have some information (under NDA) for the next OCS version. Sorry I cannot say anything about that :-) Same people will now probably say jackass , it's  just to juice it up a little.

Tips or just features to make the product better please contact me (

I will pass it through to Microsoft.

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