Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day - 0 UC Voice Ignite Tour

Today, I travelled to Paris for joining the Unified Communications Voice Ignite Tour. Currently I'm staying in "Le Meridien Etoile".

Absolutely a very nice hotel. Big lobby and a great enterance. Well it was very hard to find this hotel! The “perifirique” is quite a hell by driving your car. From all places you see scooters expensive cars etc. ;-) After 479 km of driving I did arrive at my hotel.

I've already see the UC Voice Ignite registration desk.

The next 5 days the UC Voice Ignite Tour kicks in. Because all the topics in the Voice Ignite are under NDA (what I've been told by Thomas Lee) I cannot blog much technical things. So I can only ventilate my own feelings and vision about UC Voice.

Here some pictures:





and a big LCD-TV :-)


Well I going to sleep now.

Tomorrow morning the first day of the UC Voice Ignite Tour. I really enjoy myself here.

By the end of the day of course a nice blogpost.


Anonymous said...

Looks the same as my room. Looking forward to tomorrow. See you there!

Thomas said...

You will have an NDA to sign before you get into the room! :-)

John de Breij said...

Je moet je rommel eens opruimen...