Monday, February 25, 2008

Day -1 UC Voice Ignite Tour

First of all I cannot blog about technical topics presented within the UC Voice IgNite Tour for NDA reasons. Hopefully around the end of April we can say more about in-depth topics.

The information was quite a lot :-):


Some more: clip_image004

The overall feeling at this moment: I did not see very new things in the complete line-up. Hopefully this will come up the next few days. The UC Voice Ignite Tour is a 5-Technical Training (level 350-400)

The only thing I can say is that Microsoft and associated partners knows the market very well.

They know very precisely how to cheat and boosting things up. Especially looking into the worldwide community of traditional telephony systems.

The laptops running the UC virtual images are very well set upped (so the audio quality is better than before - example the OCS Ignite Tour in Amsterdam)

For people who like cars, you definitely see the cars over here, BMW 760li, BMW 650i, Cayenne etc.

Some pics about the view of my hotel room:


clip_image008 Great to be here and everything is very well organized. Even the food is outstanding.

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