Saturday, October 13, 2007

Configuring Context-Sensitive Custom Tabs MOC2007

How to configure custom content sensitive tabs in Microsoft Office Communicator MOC2007?

Well its very simple to do. For more indepth information see Communicator_2007_Deployment_Guide from pagr 14.

Setting up a custom tab requires:

  • A network-accessible custom tab definition file in XML format that gives the location of each tab’s main page and controls the information Communicator passes to this page.
  • A registry entry in the \Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator registry hive that gives the location of the tab definition file.

· A graphic in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format for the tab. The graphic can be:

  • Up to 16 pixels high by 16 pixels wide, or
  • Exactly 32 pixels high by 32 pixels wide.

One or more Web pages for display in the Office Communicator window.

Step 1. Create a custom XML file to prepare your MOC2007 configuration:


<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
   <tooltip>Tooltip text</tooltip> 
   <contenturl> /">http://<WEBURL>/</contenturl>  

Step 2. Customize the registry in:


The TabURL setting can be added to either section of the registry. However, settings in the hkey_local_machine\software section take precedence.


The HTML file containing the tab content must be in a trusted location on the network. The XML and PNG files can be stored in the same location as the HTML file, or on a network server or local machine. For example:

· file:///\\contonso-it\oc\tabs.xml

· file:///c:/myTab/tabs.xml



Step 3. Restart your MOC2007 client and there you go ;-)


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Anonymous said...

I have created some tabs for the Office Communicator 2007. There is only one problem with the Edge-Server. If I connect via an Edge-Server, I can´t see the tabs. If I dont´connect via an Edge-Server, everything is fine. Do you know, how to fix this issue?

Best regards

PS: Don´t worry about my english, I´m from Germany ;)

Jeff Schertz said...

The custom tabs only show on internally connected OC clients by default. The accessibility tag should be added inside each tab tag to control that behavior. Adding [accessibility]both[/accessibility] will allow the tab to appear on all clients, both internal and external.