Saturday, October 27, 2007

MOC2007 hotfixes

A couple of days ago i get tipped by an UC-member that there is an hotfix for MOC2007.

Issues that the hotfix package fixes
This hotfix package fixes the following issues:

942566 ( Error message in Communicator 2007: "An error occurred while trying to start the conference" or "This message was not delivered to all participants"

942568 ( The text alignment in an e-mail message may be incorrect in Communicator 2007

942569 ( The Russian language name is spelled incorrectly in the list of available languages in Communicator 2007

942570 ( The telephone number in a Communicator 2007 pop-up window for an incoming call has an incorrect text direction when the language is set to Arabic or to Hebrew

942671 ( A new policy is available to specify the Contacts store that Communicator 2007 uses

942674 ( Unrecognizable characters appear in the date field of the display on a Unified Communications device that is used with Communicator 2007

942677 ( The transport option is not automatically set to TLS when you click "Manual configuration" in "Advanced Connection Settings" in Communicator 2007

942857 ( Menu items are truncated in the Hebrew version of Communicator 2007

943061 ( Communicator 2007 crashes when the SipCompression registry entry is set to PING mode and the Transport registry entry is set to TLS

943062 ( You may be prompted to restart the computer when you try to start Communicator 2007

943063 ( Communicator 2007 crashes when you start it by using the presence control

943064 ( After the computer resumes from hibernation or from standby, Communicator 2007 may consume 100% of CPU usage

943065 ( Communicator 2007 presence icons do not change in Outlook 2007 after you disconnect a computer from the network

943066 ( Presence status does not change from "In a Meeting" to "Available" in Communicator 2007

943067 ( Certain icons may be mirrored incorrectly in the call conversation window in the Arabic version or in the Hebrew version of Communicator 2007

Download here: MOC 2007 hotfix

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