Saturday, October 6, 2007

Interoute one OCS based

Website: interoute

For a while Interoute image  is one of our partners in iSIP services. A couple of month's ago e-office connected LCS to the iSIP cloud. The 16th of October interoute is fully supporting OCS2007RTM and ofcourse federation. Even interoute One is supporting OCS and MOC.

What is interoute One?

Interoute One is an advance VoIP solution, the core of which is the integration to Microsoft Office Communications Server. It acts as a secure communications clearing house, creating a global community of Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) users. Alternative solutions include a stand alone soft phone and integration into existing IP or TDM PBX devices.

Key features

•Create a business class community with real time collaberation

•Secure – your corporate network remains protected

•Instant messaging, Presence, Audio and Video calling

•Easy conferencing with free calls

Advanced business features

•Unified messaging, all voice and fax messages delivered to your inbox

•Personal call routing, the call finds you wherever you are, even when your PC is switched off

Interoute One key Features:

•Integration with Microsoft Communicator (LCS and OCS)

outbound – Calls to the PSTN, no hardware or integration

inbound – national number with UM and call forward

•Low cost calls, typically cheaper than Skype

•Migration solution, maximising use of existing assets

•One network many solutions

•Risk and cost free trial – click to connect

Traditional network:





•Lack of expertise



•Simple Online Setup

•Zero cost

•Auto Configured

Business Case:


image  Interoute One is an amazing product and absolutely the time worth to look at it closely.

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