Saturday, October 13, 2007

Custom Presence States in MOC

How to make custom presence states in MOC2007:



Step 1. Create custom XML file (same it in permanent folder)


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<customStates xmlns=



       <customState ID="1" availability="online">
              <activity LCID="1033">Working from Home</activity>
       <customState ID="2" availability="busy">
              <activity LCID="1033">In a Live Meeting</activity>
       <customState ID="3" availability="busy">
              <activity LCID="1033">Meeting with Customer</activity>
              <activity LCID="1055">meeting with client</activity>
       <customState ID="4" availability="do-not-disturb">
              <activity LCID="1033">Presenting</activity>

Step 2. Make a *.reg file (and import it):


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Step 3. Restart your MOC2007 client. There you go.



Michiel said...

Nice, but why is there no interface to change these items? Almost every IM client has the possibility to change status messages. Will this be available in a vNext or a powertoy?

Joachim Farla (MCSE2003) said...

Maybe there will be a update in the future. At this moment there isn't. It looks like quite difficult to deploy but there is also a possibility to deploy these presence states by Group Policy (ADS)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tip
I have 1 query - while customizing my xml , whenever I try to have an entry with Availability set to Away , the file dosent get loaded .
Only Online Busy and Do-not-disturb states are supported

any workarounds to this

I would like to set my status to say " Stepped out for Lunch" and my availability set to away

Anonymous said...

We have installed our MOC2007 on blackberry server and is working perfectly fine. Our Director wants to make a change/policy for the BES/MOC that any conversation on blackberry should have an expiry time and should close so that people should not keep all the conversations with them in their blackberry.