Thursday, February 19, 2009

e-office makes innovative combination with Microsoft Speech Server 2007

Imagine, opening your e-mailbox by speaking to your PDA after which your new e-mails are read out to you. You are held up in traffic and you need to reschedule an appointment? Just say the words.

In 2008 Microsoft launched the latest version of Microsoft Speech Server 2007 (Speech Server). This solution enables you to have your PC or PDA carry out instructions by speaking to the devices. The combination of Speech Server with other Microsoft Unified Communications products results in clever solutions.


e-office has linked Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS2007) to Microsoft Speech Server, creating a new solution called support21. A solution for helpdesks that provides an effective and efficient way of handling support calls and relieves your professionals in their work.

With this solution you support your first-line helpdesk. For example; a customer calls your helpdesk. This call is directly and automatically answered by Speech Server that will request your customer to state his e-mail address and question. The speech recognition matches the words from the customers question with the words of possible solutions. The link between OCS2007 and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS2007) finds the professional with the required knowledge, who works in the applicable region and is directly available. In the service database the message 'a new call' appears. As soon as you open this message the customer question will appear along with the account data and answers to similar questions. Finding a solution becomes much easier this way.

The support21 solution is created from our work 21 vision. Organisations look for possibilities to make better use of the potential of their employees. They search for more innovative ways of working. The organisation's greatest assets are their employees; people can adjust, processes do not adjust by themselves. By finding the right combination of current knowledge, internal and external processes and communication we can assist on your journey to the new way of working. We call this work21.

At the moment we re-compile our code to support also Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

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For more information about the support21 solution or other solutions based on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, please visit our website or contact Arjan van Eijk by sending an e-mail to

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