Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tomorrow morning stand 4 t’Spant @ Bussum

INFO: Dutch Event information (Bussum Netherlands)

Blog Readers tomorrow is the day. Together with my colleagues I’m attending the New Way of Work event in Bussum. For you information e-office will have stand number 4 right in front of the entrance. Topics of tomorrow:

  • “20 Century” thinking vs. “21 Century” thinking our translation of Work21.
  • What kind of communication channels do we have?
  • How can we make those communications channels unified?
  • Where was the primary focus, do we miss the integration capabilities?
  • What do we mean with Work21? 17 years of experience/investigation on this theory (e-office).
  • Can kind of ingredients do you need while doing a Unified Communications project?
  • How crucial is the technology infrastructure?
  • How can you as customer make the right combinations and integrations. How to improve your business productivity?
  • How to stimulate your end-users while of before using it?

all this kind of stuff tomorrow morning on stand number 4 (Break Out Session Speaker – Joachim Farla [MVP].

Try it by yourself? On our stand we have a complete UC environment deployed (UC Appliance – StartReady) where we can show you the integration of UC in your company. Especially on Enterprise Voice! Stay tuned and enjoy the event.

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